Announcement: Dr. Fletcher Teaching

We are excited to report that Dr. Fletcher has started teaching in the Dental Assisting program at Heald College in Modesto.

For the past fifteen years, our office has been involved with the education process. Dr. Fletcher has regularly invited dental assisting interns from the Modesto Junior College's Dental Assisting Program to work chairside with him. However, last year MJC chose to terminate the dental assisting program.

Looking for a new way to engage in education, Dr. Fletcher contacted Heald College last Fall and found a good match. He teaches at the college on Tuesday mornings and then returns to see patients in the office on Tuesday afternoon.

Dr. Fletcher says, "I have enjoyed the opportunity to teach, I've been teaching patients, staff and interns since I've been in practice, so this is a natural fit for me to teach in the classroom. At this point in my career, part-time teaching at a local school seems to work well."

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