I am proud to be an active member in DDSMentoring, a unique and modern way for dentists to continue their education.  I have spent the past two years learning advanced general dental techniques under the mentorship of Dr. Gary O'Brien along with 15-20 other general dentists throughout the United States. is uniquely positioned as the first educational platform that allows professionals the opportunity to increase the scope of their practice while working year around.

This is accomplished by collaborative interaction between Members and Mentors of various disciplines and techniques conveniently at a time of their choosing from their home or office.

Members are able to expand their practice by adding new materials, techniques, and procedures with the confidence and success of 35 years of experience. Ongoing professional forums, which for the first time in our profession, bring the power and confidence of the collaborative efforts of many great minds to assist the member in patient care. sets its primary objective of improving the quality of patient care globally with the effect of producing a new generation of Total Solutions Providers.

Dr. Fletcher and his brother, Dr. Scott Fletcher. DDSMentoring Seminar, Calabasas, CA

Dr. Fletcher and his brother, Dr. Scott Fletcher.
DDSMentoring Seminar, Calabasas, CA

The opportunity to provide advanced surgery, implant dentisty, and consistent restorative dentistry has been a direct result of my time and investment with DDSMentoring. 

Keep on smiling, 

Dr. Andy Fletcher



It is official! 

Fletcher Dentistry will be moving to it's new location on September 1st, 2013. 

Our new address will be: 

1130 Coffee Road, Building 6
Modesto, CA 95355

The telephone number, website and email are all the same. 

The new office is located in the Park Place Professional center. It is just North of Thomas Downey High School on the same side of the street (we literally share a fence line with the high school property). There are ten buildings located in the complex, Fletcher Dentistry is located on the front right corner (facing Coffee Road).

For directions to the new office, follow this link for a Google Map of the New Location


We can't wait to see you at the new office and look forward to showing you what we've been doing behind the scenes for the past six months.

Keep on smiling,
Dr. Fletcher