End of the year - Plan Now and Save Money!

The end of the year is quickly approaching, so I asked our scheduling coordinator and insurance coordinator what our patients should know before 2012 comes rolling in.

From our scheduling coordinator, Susie:

"This is the perfect time to schedule appointments for you and all your family. By scheduling during this season you can take advantage of when children are home for the holidays as well as preventing them from missing school or sports. It is already November, so availability of appointments is very limited. Give me a call as soon as possible to reserve an appointment for yourself or a family member."

From Trudi, our insurance coordinator:

Did you know that you can save hundreds of dollars by using your dental benefits before the end of the year? Few dental plans run on a contract year, however the majority of the plans run on a calendar year.  By scheduling your necessary treatment before the end of the year you can actually SAVE yourself some money by doing the following:


  • Using your yearly maximum benefit this year, so that all of your next year's maximum is available to you for dental emergencies.
  • You may have already paid your deductible this year and if you put off necessary treatment until next year you will have to meet the deductible all over again.
  • Employers often make changes to the dental plans they offer each year, which may not benefit you, making it advantageous to you to use your benefits to the maximum with the plan that you currently have.
  • Small dental problems can get worse. Postponing necessary treatment can often end up costing you more than you originally planned. 


Contact our office today to get your unfinished treatment scheduled or let me provide personal advice on how to use your dental benefits to the maximum!!!

Keep smiling,

Dr. Fletcher