FED UP CHALLENGE: Dental Care/Health Care

Every morning, our office has what we call a "morning huddle." The entire staff is present and we discuss the day and review every patient that we are scheduled to treat. This simple exercise helps us recognize scheduling conflicts and gives us each the opportunity to collectively prepare for our patients and make certain we are all on board for providing the best care possible.

We use a powerpoint presentation to look through the schedule, discuss our calendar and I also use that time in the morning to educate the entire staff of new procedures and treatment I have completed.

During our FED UP CHALLENGE this past week, I have also used this time to encourage/educate the staff about the effect of sugar on diabetes and obesity. Last week's slides were really good and because we are trying to get this information out to our patients I wanted to share them with you here on the blog. I really hope they help.

It's not too late to join us if you would like! Let us know here in the comments or on Facebook or tweet to us on Twitter that you are FED UP and want to join the challenge!

Keep on smiling,
Dr. Fletch