Graffiti Week 2013

It's Graffiti Week at Fletcher Dentistry:

This weekend our city kicks off the summer season with a nod to the Hollywood movie that helped put our town on the map. The cruising movie American Graffiti depicts a night in 1962 on the city streets of Modesto, CA. To remember the film and director (Modesto's own George Lucas), our town celebrates the start of summer welcoming over 400 classic cars as they cruise through the streets of downtown. This year George Lucas will be kicking off the event as the grand marshall of the cruise.

Fletcher Dentistry is joining the celebration. All week our office will be playing classic 50's and 60's music during your visit. If you are downtown on Friday night look for Dr. Fletcher and his family enjoying the cars in the annual cruise. 


To help us celebrate, we are inviting all of our patients to participate in our Graffiti Week Contest. In the photo below is a gumball machine located at our front desk. Patients visiting this week are invited to guess how many gumballs are in the machine. Our online visitors are welcome to guess right here in the comment section on this blog or on our facebook page. The closest person to guess the correct number of gumballs wins the grand prize.

The grand prize for the patient who guesses closest to the correct number of gum balls includes:

- American Graffiti DVD
- 50's music CD
- Prime Shine Carwash Gift Certificate
- Fandango Movie Gift Certificate
- Diners, DriveIns and Dives Guy Fieri cookbook
- In and Out Gift Certificate 

The rules are simple:

- You must be a patient of Fletcher Dentistry
- You are allowed one guess.
- Guesses must be made in person, in the comments section below, or on our facebook page.
- The closest person to the correct answer (or the first to guess correctly, in case of a tie) wins the grand prize.
- Winner will be determined and announced on Monday June 10th, 2013.

Thanks for playing, have a great summer and keep on smiling!

Dr. Fletcher