Children's Dental Health Month

This month, Dr. Fletcher visited Hariette Kirschen Elementatry School in Modesto, CA for Children's Dental Health Month. This was Dr. Fletcher's 15th year at Kirschen school presenting his own personal dental health program for the students(complete with toothy dinosaurs, giant underwear and a ring of toothbrushes). He also screened a few dozen children for tooth decay and dental needs.

Yesterday, Fox News published an article by Julie Relevant from about calming your child's dental fears. You can read it by clicking on this link or by clicking on the picture.  

Afraid of the dentist? 9 tips to calm your child’s dental fears  By   Julie Revelant  -   Healthy Mama   Published February 23, 2014

Afraid of the dentist? 9 tips to calm your child’s dental fears

By Julie Revelant - Healthy Mama  Published February 23, 2014

The advice given in this article is very good and I would only add one small suggestion. I've always thought it was a good idea for parents to bring their child along for one of their dental visits. When your kids see you getting your teeth cleaned, examined or repaired, they are given a first hand look at how easy it is to visit the dentist.

For questions about your children's dental health or suggestions about taking better care of their teeth, contact our office.

Keep on smiling,

Dr. Fletcher