Why Pregnant Women Should Visit The Dentist

If you are a patient of Fletcher Dentistry, you know how often we like to move our discussions beyond your mouth and talk about your TOTAL health. Yes, it is our responsibility to diagnose and treat the problems and diseases we can see in the oral environment, but we regularly engage with our patients about their overall healthcare.

The article attached was published recently on and the reporter discusses several items relating to dental care in the pregnant patient. (Click on the photo or link to go to the article).

Dental health during pregnancy: How to care for your teeth and gums   By   Julie Revelant  -   Healthy Mama -   Published February 02, 2014 -

Dental health during pregnancy: How to care for your teeth and gums

By Julie Revelant - Healthy Mama - Published February 02, 2014 -

Pregnant Women and Dental Care

For the past few years, our conversations have been more focused on the importance of dental health care for patients diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other systemic diseases which have an oral health care connection. However, the most prevalent condition we see in our dental patients that benefits DIRECTLY from better oral health care is pregnancy.

According to a recent article I read by The American Public Health Association:

"Research shows that bacteria associated with periodontitis have been found in the amniotic fluid, cord blood and placenta of babies born pre-term or with low birth weights, according to the recommendations. For example, in the case of pre-term babies, bacteria such as bergeyella have been found in amniotic fluid and porphyromonas gingivalis has been found in placenta tissue, the recommendations said."

What does this mean for patients who are pregnant?

In a nutshell, you must think about taking BETTER CARE of your teeth and gums during pregnancy. In the past, we would simply warn our pregnant patients to be on the lookout for the potential of swollen and bleeding gums during pregnancy.

With this new research and information, our conversations with our patients have changed. We still recommend EXCELLENT home care during pregnancy, but we also stress the importance of IN-OFFICE dental care as well. Pregnancy is NOT the time to avoid dental care, and that goes for both cleanings and restoring broken teeth. We no longer recommend postponing dental treatment  during pregnancy. If teeth are broken, decayed or infected - treat them!

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