The philosophy of practice at Dr. Fletcher’s dental office is simple and straight forward


Dr. Fletcher was introduced to dentistry by his childhood dentist, Dr. Ken Frangadakis, who owned a successful dental practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

“Dr. Kenny is a great dentist and has influenced me and my practice in many ways…he spent time with every one of his patients, he knew their families and seemed to generally be interested in their life.”

Dentistry permeates the rest of his family as well. His older brother, Dr. Scott Fletcher, practices general dentistry in Northern California and his older sister is employed as a dental assistant. At one point or another, most of Dr. Fletcher’s family have been employed in the field of dentistry as well.

This experience and involvement has taught him that dentistry is more than just fixing teeth and producing the perfect filling. Since his first day of dental school, he learned to go out of his way to treat each and every patient with his best personal care he can render. 

“At the end of the day, patients don’t look into their mouth to see the intricate detail of their white fillings…but they will remember if the dentist and his staff were rushed or seemed too busy to take care of them.”