Dental Services Offered by Dr. Fletcher


Comprehensive New Patient Exams - At your new patient examination we will take all necessary X-rays for diagnosis. In addition to your full tooth by tooth examination, Dr. Fletcher will also complete:

  • A full head/neck examination
  • Cranial nerve evaluation
  • TMJ function exam
  • Oral cancer screening
  • Orthodontic evaluation
  • Periodontal diagnosis of your gum health.

Dr. Fletcher will provide a comprehensive diagnosis of all your dental and periodontal needs and then discuss with you all reasonable options for a treatment plan. This will allow you to make an informed decision and also allow you to guide and direct your treatment of choice.

Digital X-rays - Dr. Fletcher has been using the Planmeca family of digital x-ray equipment in his office since 2008. This equipment has allowed him to lower radiation exposure to his patients by an estimated 75%. At the same time, digital X-rays allow him to enhance and manipulate the images from within the computer software allowing him a more accurate diagnosis of your dental films.

Emergency Exams - We understand the pain and inconvenience of a dental emergency. Dr. Fletcher and his staff will work very hard to get all established patients into our office on the same day for emergency examinations and/or treatment.

Kindergarten Screenings - To help our existing patients comply with the requirements by the state of CA,  Dr. Fletcher will provide free kindergarten screenings for his patients.

2nd Opinions - Let's face it, modern dental treatment can be complicated and sometimes it is good to get more than one opinion about recommended treatment.  If you have your own X-rays and have questions about your dental treatment from another office and would like a "blindfold" 2nd opinion, feel free to schedule a complimentary 2nd opinion with Dr. Fletcher.


Dr. Fletcher provides the following durable and esthetic options for restoring your broken or decayed teeth.

Composite Fillings - For the past five years, Dr. Fletcher has chosen to use the VOCO™ line of cosmetic "tooth colored/white" fillings. 

IPS E.MAX™ Crowns - Whenever possible, Dr. Fletcher has chosen to use metal free crowns in his practice.  E.MAX crowns provide proven strength and incredible esthetics for anterior and posterior use.

BruxZir™ - Zirconia - For added strength and larger restorations (bridges and heavy biters), Dr. Fletcher has chosen to use zirconia as another fantastic metal-free option with unbeatable strength.

Valplast™ - For patients that prefer comfortable, metal-free partial dentures, we have found that Valplast dentures are a great alternative.


For the past 16 years, our practice has worked with local surgeons to restore the implants that they place in your mouth. During that time, Dr. Fletcher has gained experience restoring most popular brands of dental implants.

In 2012, Dr. Fletcher joined the Study Club and has dedicated ALL of his continuing education studies to learning about the surgical placement of dental implants and the bone grafting procedures associated with those procedures. At that time, Dr. Fletcher also began to surgically place implants on a limited basis for select patients.

Legacy™ ImplantsAlthough he has restored implants from many different companies, he has chosen to surgically place the Legacy family of implants for his own patients.

Anatomage™ - Computer Guided Implant Surgery - Dr. Fletcher is a proud user of the Anatomage Invivo software. The use of 3-D images prior to surgery helps him to determine the safest location for the placement of dental implants. Using a surgical guide fabricated by the patient's CT scan, Dr. Fletcher can be certain within a fraction of a millimeter where the most ideal location is to place your implants, before ever setting foot in the surgical room.