Anterior Tooth Trauma

Fractured left maxillary central incisorWhat Happened: This patient came into our office on a Monday afternoon. He explained that over the weekend he had been jumped and during the attack he was hit in the face with a metal pipe.
In the picture above, you can see the results. Hopefully you can see the diagonal fracture through the enamel on his front left tooth. This fracture was quite extensive and actually continued through the tooth and down to the gumline on the inside of his mouth. When I felt the edge of the tooth, it was very mobile.

The Plan: We decided to prepare this tooth for a full porcelain crown. The most difficult part of this case was matching the shade of one tooth to the existing teeth in the arch. We had this patient go to the dental laboratory for the technicians to get the most accurate shade match possible. From the picture, you can see how well they did with matching his new porcelain tooth to the existing teeth.

Porcelain Crown, Left Maxillary Incisor, 1 year followup