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Graffiti Week 2013

It's Graffiti Week at Fletcher Dentistry:

This weekend our city kicks off the summer season with a nod to the Hollywood movie that helped put our town on the map. The cruising movie American Graffiti depicts a night in 1962 on the city streets of Modesto, CA. To remember the film and director (Modesto's own George Lucas), our town celebrates the start of summer welcoming over 400 classic cars as they cruise through the streets of downtown. This year George Lucas will be kicking off the event as the grand marshall of the cruise.

Fletcher Dentistry is joining the celebration. All week our office will be playing classic 50's and 60's music during your visit. If you are downtown on Friday night look for Dr. Fletcher and his family enjoying the cars in the annual cruise. 


To help us celebrate, we are inviting all of our patients to participate in our Graffiti Week Contest. In the photo below is a gumball machine located at our front desk. Patients visiting this week are invited to guess how many gumballs are in the machine. Our online visitors are welcome to guess right here in the comment section on this blog or on our facebook page. The closest person to guess the correct number of gumballs wins the grand prize.

The grand prize for the patient who guesses closest to the correct number of gum balls includes:

- American Graffiti DVD
- 50's music CD
- Prime Shine Carwash Gift Certificate
- Fandango Movie Gift Certificate
- Diners, DriveIns and Dives Guy Fieri cookbook
- In and Out Gift Certificate 

The rules are simple:

- You must be a patient of Fletcher Dentistry
- You are allowed one guess.
- Guesses must be made in person, in the comments section below, or on our facebook page.
- The closest person to the correct answer (or the first to guess correctly, in case of a tie) wins the grand prize.
- Winner will be determined and announced on Monday June 10th, 2013.

Thanks for playing, have a great summer and keep on smiling!

Dr. Fletcher

Mobile Dentistry Update

This past weekend I had a chance to walk through the Mobile Dental Clinic from Nineveh Ministries with my good friend and dental colleague, Dr. Corey Acree. I was very excited to see this project as it nears completion and we are very close to providing emergency dental care for the underserved in our community .

Over the past two years, from idea to completion, this has been a large project with many partners providing the finances and grunt labor to finish the van. As it stands, we only need materials and supplies to begin serving the public. The dollar amount equals $6,000.00, which will allow us to open the doors hopefully within the next month.

THE PLAN:  During the winter months of December, January and February, the dental van will be open once/month with a limited number of patients. In order to work out the kinks of practicing dentistry in a confined space, Dr. Corey Acree and I will begin by working with our own staff in the van. This will allow us to determine what works and what needs to be adjusted for mobile dentistry. Beginning in the spring of 2013, the van will rotate weekly to four separate locations in Modesto. We will take the information we learned in the winter and train the other volunteer doctors and staff to deliver emergency dental care in a mobile clinic.

Week 1 - Oregon Park
Week 2 - Robertson Road Park
Week 3 - Apostolic Assembly First Church
Week 4 - Fairview Park


Finances: The final $6,000.00 is needed to complete the van. This will allow us to open the doors in December.
Staff: Drawing from local dentists and auxillary staff, we will need volunteers beginning in the Spring of 2013.

Raising the final few dollars in the next month and the man power in the next few months to get this clinic underway. If you are interested in joining the effort, please let me know.

I am super excited to be part of this plan. Stay tuned for updates.

Keep on smiling,
Dr. Fletcher

Summertime: Dental Injuries

With the warmer weather, increased activities and sports, we also see an increase in dental trauma. In our office, it is almost weekly that we treat patients with trauma to their teeth, lips and the face.  Here are a few basics for what to do if a dental injury occurs.

Fractured Teeth
For all fractures, a dental exam is very important. This will include an examination of the area and an xray to determine a fractured root like the one you see pictured above. (Note: the tooth looked fine above the gumline, the root which was unseen was fractured).
Small chips do not need to be seen immediately, but major fractures that are sensitive to temperature or anytime there is bleeding around the gumline, you should schedule a dental visit as soon as possible.

Tooth Knocked Out
Timing is important.  If a permanent tooth was knocked out and is clean, it can be reinserted. If not, than you need to be seen immediately (after 1 hour the tooth has a poor chance for successful reimplantation).
What to do? Do not clean the tooth off, but keep the tooth moist. You can put it in a cup of milk or even in the patient's mouth (but only if there is no risk of swallowing the tooth). Seek dental care as soon as possible.

Lip or Tongue Bite/Cut
If you cannot get the bleeding to stop with pressure on the lip, than it needs to be seen in the office for examination and possibly sutures. If it was cut on a tooth, than a dental exam and xray will be needed of the tooth as well.

Tongue bites can be nasty (and bleed a lot!), but rarely do they require treatment. They do require a dental exam and treatment is based on severity.

There are many other dental injuries. Trauma to the head/face/jaw, burns, and a variety of injuries to the teeth from normal behavior. When deciding what to do, the best idea is to call our office and speak with a staff member or connect after hours on our emergency line with Dr. Fletcher!

We hope you have a safe and happy summer!

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